About Us
We are an entrepreneur friendly social media marketing company, specializing in leveraging every ounce of the internet to build your brand. We pride ourselves in producing top notch, mobile optimized, 4K cinematography, photography, unique result driven ad campaigns, and keeping you satisfied with innovative thinking and quality customer service determined to deliver massive amounts of value to you.

This is who we are

Young blooded, passionate, entrepreneur focused on getting you maximum exposure, leads, and building your confidence in your brand, product, and service.

Christian has one over arching life goal, "serve as many people as possible." He values how people feel, and is constantly thinking about improvement, and how to create more opportunities to serve. Working with Christian is like having a Uncle or Nephew (depends how old you are), that will bend over backwards to generate opportunities for you to do business with qualified customers.<.p>

Christian Hill Founder, CEO; Strategic Director

Over 35 years of video production, and photography experience. Geof has a natural eye for attention grabbing imagery. He specializes in making you look unique and professional.

Geof has been a self-made free-lance entrepreneur his whole life. He has an apt for being innovative and thinking outside the box for his clients. Working with Geof is like having a fire hydrant of creative ideas at your figure tips.

Geof Hill Head of Business Development; Creative Director