This is who we are:

The Adgressive Mastermind is a group of results driven individuals with a combined 125 years of business and marketing experience. Everything started from the base with these two, Christian and Geof. Christian is a young hustler, self-made social media expert, and actively involved in building a legacy. Geof is a 37 time awarded international cinematographer, with over 30 years of small business experience, and father of two. The Adgressive Mastermind is a group of 'millionaires next door' and the rising generation type of powerhouse individuals.
Board of Advisors
Our team of advisors is your team of advisors.
  • Todd Stice

    Todd Stice

    Advisor, CFO, Heart n' Homes

  • Darin Huffaker

    Darin Huffaker

    Advisor, CEO, Responsible Pest Control

  • Ryan Hillam

    Ryan Hillam

    Advisor, CEO, Idaho Oral Surgery

  • Shane Walker

    Shane Walker

    Advisor, CMO, Proactive Budget

Dive Deeper Into the Mastermind:

What is Adgressive Marketing Solutions?

Are you struggling to see the results from social media? Maybe you don't have the technical background to understand online marketing?

Adgressive Marketing Solutions solves those problems and many more of your online marketing issues. We provide you the one stop solution to your digital marketing problems.

You name it we have probably done it: Live broadcast? Paid Ads? Film Production? Content strategy? PR events? Graphic Design? Influencer Marketing? ECommerce? Click funnels? Blogging? Vlogging? TV Commercials? just to name a few.

When all is said and done, we get your name, brand, and product in front of the right people. We get the engagement and the reach you want! We strive to make you "The King of your Industry."

Do you want to be the King?


How did we start?

Let's take a look back in history for a little bit. On July 1, 1941 the first ever television commercial was aired. This started a new age for commercial advertisements. Up until 2017 television ruled the world for advertisement spending.

In 2017, for the first time ever, there was more money spent on social media advertisements than on television. There is a tremendous opportunity for business growth sitting on social media. However, many of you do not have the time to figure out the complex psychology involved in creating a successful social media campaign.

Foreseeing the need for businesses to take the leap to become omnipresent on social media, Christian and Geof created Adgressive. Geof having over 30 years of business, public relations, and film production experience combined strengths with Christian the social media guy to build the Adgressive Marketing Mastermind.

Never before has the opportunity for business growth been better! Christian and Geof built this company, and group to ease the stress of entrepreneurs wasting their money on obsolete marketing. We can take care of the strategy, production, and the delivery!

Would you like to see how it works?

Yes! Show me!

What do we do?

There is a famous Chinese proverb that says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

To develop your brand on social media, it will take time, energy, capital, quality planning and content. Just like a tree, you need to plant the seed, nourish it, and eventually prune it. In the beginning stages of switching to social media marketing, it might feel like planting a seed in the ground. You add money to the budget, and growth is nearly invisible. Do not get discouraged! Growth is happening, just keep nourishing your social seeds. Eventually, through sticking to the playbook, the 'seed' will break the surface and growth will be apparent.

Just like a seed, you cannot expect your social media presence to grow and generate massive income overnight. However, this is what you can expect, when you use your Hyper Growth Playbook, and our production team to deliver quality content, your social seed will grow at 10X speeds.

Do you want to plant your social seed now?

Yes! Let's get planting!

Why do you need us?

Everyone on our team understands the power of social media, and how to harness it. We are not a fake follower boosting company, pay for likes, or get rich quick scheme. We actually build your brand, increase your engagement, and produce your content to best fit your needs.

We are a one stop shop, not only do we create the strategy using expert knowledge, we deliver the content, and manage the ad campaigns. If you really want to take your company to the next level, or get quality results from your next marketing campaign you have found the engine to drive your dream forward.

The way the world is shifting, you will save more money and make more money by switching your marketing budget to digital advertisements instead of newspaper, billboards, and radio.

Do you want to save money on marketing and generate better results?

Yes! Show me how please!

Adgressive Marketers Next Door
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  • Geoffrey Hill

    Geoffrey Hill

    CEO, Head of Photo/Video Production

  • Christian Hill

    Christian Hill

    COO, Head of Social Media Strategy

  • Helen Chen

    Helen Chen

    International Account Executive

  • Julia Nartker

    Julia Nartker

    Account Executive

  • Erika Hernandez

    Erika Hernandez

    Account Executive